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When drooping brows make you appear angry or tired, what can be done to restore a more youthful appearance? This is an issue most everyone experiences as aging of the face and brow is an inevitable process. Dr. Del Vecchio sees patients just like this in his Boston Plastic Surgery office and often recommends a browlift (or forehead lift). In some cases, the browlift will be done in conjunction with a facelift or eyelid surgery to achieve more complete facial rejuvenation.

For patients desiring surgery in Boston browlift patients are the best candidates when they are in good health and have realistic expectations of what can be accomplished. Dr. Del Vecchio believes candidates also have a face and neck that has begun to sag, but still has some skin elasticity and well defined bone structure. Most of Dr. Del Vecchio’s browlift patients are in the forty to sixty year old range although he has done browlift surgery on men and women as young as their 30’s and into their eighties. The only way to know for sure if you are a browlift candidate is to schedule a consult with Dr. Del Vecchio to understand your options. In Boston, Botox treatment is often preferred to browlift and can often be a more economic solution.

At your consultation, Dr. Del Vecchio will seek to understand what you want to accomplish from your browlift surgery. Make sure to be candid about your expectations and medical history as this will help Dr. Del Vecchio make his recommendations. Dr. Del Vecchio will evaluate your face, skin elasticity and bone structure during your browlift consultation. Based on your discussions and his evaluation, Dr. Del Vecchio can then determine if the browlift is right for you. Prior to your evaluation, review the Boston Browlift Before and After Photos to see prior patients and results achieved. If you see results which compare to what you hope to achieve, bring a picture to your consultation.

Should you and Dr. Del Vecchio decide that a browlift is appropriate, Dr. Del Vecchio will explain the wide range of options which are available to you. Dr. Del Vecchio generally performs the procedure using either the classic coronal incision, or “open” browlift method or the newer endoscopic browlift method. Dr Del Vecchio performed his first endoscopic browlift in 1992, and has over 15 years experience with this procedure. He will cover each of these options with you in great detail during your Boston browlift consultation.

The browlift procedure may be done on an outpatient basis or with a brief hospital stay depending on your personal situation. If you are interested in having your browlift in Boston, Dr. Del Vecchio can perform the surgery at Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary, a Harvard teaching hospital.  If you are coming from the South Shore, Cape Cod or Rhode Island, Quincy Medical Center is available for your convenience.  For browlift patients who are from the North Shore and New Hampshire, North Shore Medical Center is an excellent facility.

Do you need more information on browlift surgery?  The best way to learn about the browlift surgery in Boston is to schedule your consultation.  Dr. Del Vecchio will spend as much time as needed to make you feel comfortable with the browlift.

If you have additional questions or would like to schedule your browlift consultation, please contact our office by e-mail or by phone at 617 262 8528.

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