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What can be done when your large breast size has caused you to have back, neck and shoulder pain? Dr. Del Vecchio sees many patients who experience the back pain from excessively heavy breasts and often agrees with them that they should undergo a breast reduction (or reduction mammoplasty) surgery. Dr. Del Vecchio performs breast reduction surgery in Boston for physical relief or cosmetic enhancement.

Dr. Del Vecchio believes the best breast reduction in Boston candidates are woman who have large, fully developed breasts. He may perform the procedure prior if you are experiencing severe pain due to the size of your breasts. Dr. Del Vecchio also does not recommend a breast reduction if you intend to breast feed your children. The only way to know for certain if you are a candidate is to schedule a consultation to meet with Dr. Del Vecchio in his Boston Plastic Surgery or Cape Cod Plastic Surgery office.

During your Boston breast reduction consultation, Dr. Del Vecchio will ask you questions to try and understand your expectations. Based on what you want to accomplish, Dr. Del Vecchio can determine if breast reduction is right for you. Make sure to be candid about your expectations and your medical history as this will help Dr. Del Vecchio with his recommendation. Dr. Del Vecchio will explain the factors that will weigh into his decision such as your age, the size and shape of your breasts, and the condition of your skin. Prior to your consultation, make sure to view the Boston Breast Reduction Photo Gallery to see prior patients and the results achieved. If you see breasts which compare to the size you hope to achieve, bring a sample to your consultation.

Dr. Del Vecchio uses several breast reduction techniques with the end result being a smaller, higher, and firmer breast. The reduction procedure combines a breast lift with the removal of breast tissue to create the desired result. The preferred technique is to utilize liposuction as part of the reduction to reduce the amount of dissection and scarring that is necessary. The breast reduction incisions will be fully discussed and drawn by Dr Del Vecchio for you after Dr. Del Vecchio has had a chance to meet with you. The size and shape of your breasts, as well as the amount of reduction, will be factors that will help Dr. Del Vecchio decide the best technique for you. The breast reduction procedure is usually done on an outpatient basis and generally takes Dr. Del Vecchio 2 to 3 hours to complete.

Breast reductions are sometimes covered by insurance. Insurance companies consider many factors to determine your eligibility, including the terms of your policy and the amount of breast tissue you need to have removed. Your insurance company may also require a letter of predetermination prior to surgery. Dr. Del Vecchio or one of his staff can discuss these issues with you at the consultation and can assist you in the approval process.

Dr. Del Vecchio can perform your breast reduction surgery at many locations in the Boston area. If you want to have your breast reduction in Boston, the surgery will be performed at Mass Eye and Ear Infirmary, a Harvard teaching hospital.  If you are coming from the South Shore, Cape Cod and Rhode Island, Quincy Medical Center is available for your breast reduction.  For breast reduction patients coming from the North Shore and New Hampshire, North Shore Medical Center, a part of Partners Health Care, is also available.

Are you looking for more information about the breast reduction surgery?  The best way to learn more about breast reduction in Boston is to schedule your consultation.  Dr. Del Vecchio will spend as much time as needed to make you feel comfortable with the breast reduction. He encourages you to write any questions down prior to the consultation and bring them with you when you visit his office.

What’s next? If you have additional questions or would like to schedule your breast reduction consultation, please contact our office by e-mail or by phone at 617 262 8528.

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