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What are your options when pregnancy, nursing and the force of gravity have caused you to lose shape and firmness in your breasts? Dr. Del Vecchio sees many patients like this in his Boston Plastic Surgery office and often recommends the breast lift (or mastopexy) procedure. Breast lift can reposition the breast tissue and restore upper pole fullness, and can reposition the nipple and areola to a more superior position.

Dr. Del Vecchio believes you could be a candidate for the breast lift procedure if you are satisfied with the size of your breasts but lack substance or firmness. Many times your nipples will point downward as a result of pregnancy and nursing, and your areolar diameter will be widened due to stretching. If you are considering having more children, a pregnancy may cause your breasts to increase in size and jeopardize the results you achieved with the breast lift. While these are a few of the characteristics of a breast lift candidate, the only way to find out if the procedure is right for you is to come in for a consultation with Dr. Del Vecchio.

At your Boston breast lift consultation, Dr. Del Vecchio will seek to understand your expectations for the procedure. Based on what you hope to accomplish, Dr. Del Vecchio can determine if the breast lift is right for you. Make sure to be candid about your expectations and your medical history as this will help the doctor in your diagnosis. Many times you might think you want a breast lift but actually need a breast augmentation or perhaps both procedures. Dr. Del Vecchio will discuss this in more detail after he has had a chance to review your individual situation. Prior to your consultation, make sure to view the Boston Breast Lift Photo Gallery to see prior patients and the results achieved.

The breast lift procedure is generally done on an outpatient basis and takes about one and a half to three hours for Dr. Del Vecchio to complete. Many techniques are available for the procedure and Dr. Del Vecchio will make his recommendations based on your individual situation. In general, Dr Del Vecchio utilizes the vertical scar mastopexy, a variation that he learned in Italy and provides good lift and breast projection.

Dr. Del Vecchio has surgical privileges at many locations in the Boston area. If you want to have your breast lift procedure in Boston, the surgery will be performed at Mass Eye and Ear Infirmary, a Harvard teaching hospital.  If you are coming from the South Shore, Cape Cod and Rhode Island, Quincy Medical Center is available for your breast lift procedure.  For breast lift patients coming from the North Shore and New Hampshire, North Shore Medical Center, a part of Partners Health Care, is also available.

Do you need more information about the breast lift procedure?  The easiest way to learn more about breast lift in Boston is to schedule your consultation with Dr. Del Vecchio.  Dr. Del Vecchio will spend as much time as necessary to make you feel comfortable with the breast lift procedure. He encourages you to write down any questions you have prior to the consultation and to bring them with you when you visit his office.

What’s next? If you have additional questions or would like to schedule your breast lift consultation with Dr. Del Vecchio, please contact our office by e-mail or by phone at 617 262 8528

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